Residential Case Study- 3 Bedroom House in West Trinidad.

LED Bulbs supplied by

Old Lighting Situation

Combination of Traditional CFL and Power Hungry Halogen Bulbs

New Lighting Situation

100% LED Lighting Upgrade

  • (18) 14 Watt CFL Bulbs

    Energy Consumption-252 Watts

  • (17) 20 Watt CFL Bulbs

    Energy Consumption- 340 Watts

  • (4) 120 Watt Halogen Bulbs

    Energy Consumption- 480 Watts    :-!!!

  • (2) 100 Watt Incandescent Bulbs

    Energy Consumption- 200 Watts

  • (11) 5 Watt LED Bulbs

    Energy Consumption-55 Watts

  • (22) 9 Watt LED Bulbs

    Energy Consumption- 225 Watts

  • (4) 12 Watt LED Bulbs

    Energy Consumption- 48 Watts

  • (4)- 15 Watt LED Bulbs

    Energy Consumption- 60 Watts

1271 Watts

Total Energy Consumed by CFL & Halogen Lighting

361 Watts

Total Energy Consumed by LED Replacements


Energy Savings by switching to LED Lighting.

910 Watts

Total Savings in Watts

$742 TTD

Annual Savings


Converting Energy Savings into Dollars and Cents.

Purchase Price for (41) replacement LED Bulbs$1590
Number of Hours per Day Lights are used7 Hours per Day
Number of Days per Week Lights are used7 Days a week
Usage in Weeks per Year52 Weeks
Cost per Kilowatt Hour of Electricity ( TTEC Residential Rate 401Kwh -1000KWh Band)$0.32 per KWH
Total Wattage Saved 910 Watts
Cost per Watt- Formula -(Usage in Hours per day x Usage in Days per Week x Usage in Weeks per Year / 1000)Cost per Watt- $0.82
Annual Savings
(Watts Saved x Cost per Watt)
Annual Savings of $742
Payback Calculation
( Price of Bulbs/ Annual Savings)
2.14 Years

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